Marsicans Rock the Town of Matlock


Now for the majority of our readers, you will know that Marsicans have been on our radar for years now, so it was about time that we personally got to see them perform live on their Absence UK tour! On Sunday we visited Matlock to do just that. The local area was your typical traditional English town on the edge of the Peak District and on the high street was the small venue for tonight – Twenty Ten. Great food, drink and of course live music from cover bands to indie rock artists.

We interviewed Marsicans after their soundcheck, (which you will be able to view later today). It was pretty special to listen to James only singing the chorus of ‘Swimming’, it even got me singing along before we got to interview them. With a crowd of mostly men and women in their 30s and 40s and Rob’s parents, Marsicans come onto the stage to go straight into their dirty indie pop track ‘Gone In A Second’.

Even with a small crowd they put all their energy and enthusiasm into their shows, what makes it even better is their latest EP ‘Absence’ contains loads of songs we’ve already heard such as ‘Arms Of Another’ and my personal favourite ‘Swimming’. It’s not always the case that bands sound the same live as they do recorded, but Marsicans have purified their sound so that it can do both. To me, that’s great as that means myself and all of their fans can get the same enjoyment out of watching them live and listening on digital download, CD etc.

Next up was 19-year-old acoustic duo Sunflower Thieves, from Nottingham and Derby areas they make their own music as well as produce their own covers. Sunday night saw them cover Hudson Taylor’s Chasing Rubies and their own songs including ‘Breathe’ which will be on their EP in January. The duo have not been going long, just under a year infact but their acoustic, harmonious sound and soft soulful voices has given the heart of England a new craze of acoustic music.

Check out Sunflower Thieves ‘Emmylou’ and Marsicans tour dates below!



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