Marsicans confirm album is ‘on the way’ in exclusive interview

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Marsicans confirm album is ‘on the way’ in exclusive interview

Marsicans are quite easily Leeds hottest export in today’s indie climate. From incredibly humble beginnings to now headlining a tour in association with the wonderful Abbie McCarthys Good Karma Club; I finally got a chance to meet the Leeds quartet for an all too lovely catch-up about all things Marsicans.

Geo: How have you boys been? Busy? 

Ms: Yeah yeah all good, busy but good!

Geo: How’s the tour going? 

James: Yeah really good. Each show’s been very different. All amazing, like, different kinda crowds at different ones. So Birmingham was really really hectic. 

Geo: I hear there was a stage invasion in like the second song or something crazy like that? 

Ms: Yeah it was really metal like and good fun

Geo: This is really weird for me actually meeting you guys because the first time we saw you, you were playing to like, 30 people in some pub in Manchester?

James: Yeah well we’ve been chatting to ICM for a while now, you’ve been very kind to us over the years. 

Geo: Ah well likewise with the #BackToBlack campaign. So the new singles out. Hows the reception been?

Cale: We got it printed on Vinyl which was really special for us. This track is really different because its definitely a heavier track like it’s a different side to us definitely. 

James: Maybe it’s a sign of things to come. Maybe not. But maybe. 

Geo: Album on the way then? Are we allowed to talk about it? 

James: It is on the way yeah. That’s all we can tell you because that’s all it is. It’s on the way. 

Geo: Is it just an idea at the moment? 

James: The songs exist. And we’ve started recording.

Rob: They fucking rock hard as well. 

Geo: I was gonna ask about your current discography. You’ve got all these singles out and the EP as well. Is the flavour still there? Is the Marsicans magic still ignited? 

James: We’ve got too many songs so we’re gonna argue about them all and then pick the ones we like the best. That’s what we do best. 

Geo: I’ve seen a lot of comments around you guys not playing Leeds on this tour. A lot of negativity there! 

James: Yeah well we haven’t announced a show for Leeds and people started saying “you’ve abandoned Leeds”. One was like “go fuck yourself”.

Geo: That’s quite strong! So back to you guys. Is there anything especially exciting you want to talk about? Like what have you all individually been up to? 

James: We’ve just been recording. Like we took a break from touring and was doing the odd shows but now all the songs for the album are written, we’ve just started the recording process. You know we’ve got festivals so we’re really just building it up. It’s really fun we’ve been just focusing on writing songs that don’t necessarily have to be a single. You know, twisting nobs and adding our *wub wub wub wah*. 

Geo: Is there a formula when it comes to writing a track? Because I feel like there’s a distinctive touch of Marsicans in everything that you do.

Rob: I think its because we fucking argue so much. It’s true though. 

James: We creatively argue

Rob: I think If we weren’t so belligerently opinionated about what we like, we wouldn’t get to the sound that is the bands sound. Because we all have such varied ideas on what’s brilliant and we’re always all right so it’s the compromise thats the key. 

James: Everyones right kinda gets moulded into whats Marsicans. 

Geo: When we spoke to you guys last, you was supporting Clean Cut Kid at The Sugarmill in Stoke. I didn’t get to catch you guys but we specifically spoke to you about the buzz that was surrounding you at the time. Is that still with you lot? 

Oli: We’re playing gigs now that we wished we was playing a few years ago. 

Cale: We’ve like, doubled the size this time around on this tour. 

Geo: Who do you credit all that too? 

James: Literally everyone that works with us. And I know that it sounds like a bullshit answer but it’s true. 

Rob: We just write songs. Everyone else makes sure that they hear them. Oli makes all the posters and that, all the colourful assets. 

Oli: I think it’s important for us to take on the more non-serious side of the band. Like the funny posts and the banter. 

George: It’s the Wispa Gold thing thats been cracking me up at the moment. I was gonna bring you some. I didn’t even know they were a thing? 

James: A lot of people don’t. We got over 60 in Birmingham. 

Cale: It’s just banter ain’t it. Like, Rob request some rocket this one time from fans on the last tour and was all like “thank you for all the rocket”. On this tour, Oli loves Wispa Gold. 

Oli: Like last time, Rob requested bags of rocket so people started throwing bags of rocket on stage. 

Rob: Like I know fans buy bands presents to I just wanted to see how far I could take it. 

Oli: There’s a girl coming tomorrow who’s bringing a full cake. I told her she can do my nails before the gig.

James: There’s a girl called Maddison, who I think is our biggest fan ever. She’s been to see us about 23 times and last tour she brought up cupcakes that spelt Marsicans. Which is lovely. 

Rob: It’s really nice.

Geo: That pretty makes takes us to everything. I’ve got nothing else to ask. As long as everyone is alright? 

Ms: Yeah we’re all good. 

Rob: Can you tell us about your leather jacket? 

Ms: It’s really nice

Geo: Ah thanks! So I work at ASOS. 

James: The face behind ASOS. 

Rob: What is your role?

Geo: It’s easier for me to tell you that I work as a business analyst without me having to spend another 15 minutes explaining it. 

Cale: Do you get free clothes? 

Geo: Nah but 40% discount. Hit me up. Hit me up ANYTIME I don’t give a shit mate. Just message me. 

Ms: Nice one.