Llovers share blissful pop single ‘Without You’

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North East indie climbers Llovers have graced us with a new pop-infused track ‘Without You’. The 5-piece band from Teeside are committed to their mission of spreading love and warmth in their dreamscape sound and tender lyricism.

A delicately handcrafted patchwork of indie, rock, pop and psychedelia, ‘Without You’ is a tumbling expose of intimacy. It feels like a lullaby in its crooning, blissed-out lyrics (“I think I need you / To cut beneath my pride / I think I need you / To watch me burn inside”), while its steady acoustic melody and a cascade of candied synthesisers culminate in a sensual 2018 pop cut.

Their sound is driven by co-frontmen Jack Brooks and David Macnab’s raw, earnest vocals that expose a refreshing vulnerability (“Without you / I can’t cry / Without you / I’m not right”) and make for the perfect late-night mix addition.

Discussing the release, Macnab said: “Jack sent me a demo of this song via phone recording, and the honesty and vulnerability the track conveyed, it kind of made us feel that we didn’t want to do anything to it. So the guitar and vocals were recorded in one take, and we built the track around that, as we didn’t want to lose the essence of the original phone recording”.

There’s certainly no stone unturned on this track, and Llovers prove once again their ability to craft the perfect lover’s lament.

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  • Sweet, heartfelt lyricism
  • Playful melodies


  • Repetitive sound


The new single features jazzy synth pops which uplift a delicately crafted love song. Beautiful melodies are offset by slithers of psychedelia that adds depth and scope to the song's production.

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