Live Review: Black Honey @ The Horn

Black Honey

Last night (Wednesday 25th November)  was a night filled with some of the best dirty rock talent!

I had the pleasure of once again attending the wonderful Horn in St Albans on the 25th; a night that was guaranteed to be loud as heck. Black Honey, Baby in Vain and The Wytches are the latest dirty rockers that I have fallen in love with. If you are a fan of Black Keys, buckle up. Black Honey are described as a 60’s alternative female fronted indie psychedelic rock band from Brighton! (try saying that with a mouthful) The band introduced themselves with stunning eerie vocals from their song ‘Spinning Wheel’, which can only be described as a Pulp Fiction/Quentin Tarantino wet dream with the dirtiest type of riff that reminisces Dick Dales ‘Miserlou’.

Do not underestimate this band. Frontman Izzy B might be a little lass but she certainly packs a punch! What I enjoyed the most about this band which I struggle to find in others, is rich supporting vocals. I just find it so important to fatten up songs with beautiful vocals from the whole band, not just a flashy range from the lead.

Surf-guitar is so in at the moment guys and you need to jump on that bandwagon fast before it goes out of date!

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