LISTEN: As It Is – Pretty Little Distance

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The pop-punk wonders of As It Is are back with their new single ‘Pretty Little Distance’, a catchy and relatable song that will make their forthcoming album ‘Okay’ one that everyone will want to add to their Christmas list.

The song reminds us of their earlier EPs, being slightly heavier than some of the songs on their debut album, ‘Never Happy, Ever After’, ‘Pretty Little Distance’ opens with a smooth riff from guitarist Andy Westhead, before lead vocalist Patty Walters joins in with full-of-angst lyrics and a heartfelt melody; their signature sound mixed with the perfect amount of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The single was released along with a 50s style music video involving a hint of Back To The Future vibes – it takes you back in time to the days where formal dances like the one in the movie occurred, allowing you to hear the song in a completely different way than you would without the visual aid.

The catchy melody has been compared to songs by their influences such as All Time Low, New Found Glory and The Starting Line, making it a definite hit for pop-punk fans of all ages who enjoy gang vocals and lots of ‘Ooh’s.

As It Is will be touring the UK with State Champs in march, pick up tickets here and pre-order their upcoming album here.



1. Pretty Little Distance
2. Okay
3. Hey Rachel
4. Patchwork Love
5. Curtains Close
6. No Way Out
7. Soap
8. Austen
9. Until I Return
10. The Coast Is Where Home Is
11. Still Remembering

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