Listen: Miut – U or Self


Miut, an exciting, contemporary four-piece indie band originating from Chile, have burst onto the music scene since their formation in 2011 with their new single “U or Self”. The band’s members consist of Sergio Clark (guitar, vocals), Francisco Aviles (bass), Maximo Dalle (drums) and Diego Torres (Rhythm Guitar).

The track starts off heavy, with loud and high pitch guitar riffs and the smashing of symbols before Sergio dives into the vocals. Their contemporary and classical indie sound – inspired by the likes of The Kooks, The Beatles and The Strokes – retains many aspects of the music genre stereotypically only associated with 1980’s England.

So, fellow Indie boys and girls, men and women…listen below to Miut’s latest single “U or Self” for a little flavour of their material which, I’m sure, you’ll love!

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