Leicester sextet Jools release fuzzy and snarly punk rock debut


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Leicester-based indie rockers Jools serve up their debut single ‘Hysterical Starving Naked’ which encapsulates the thesis of the band’s sound.

Striving to produce fuzzy and aggressively distorted guitars, snarly vocals and venomous beats, the six-piece are sending out their stance on socialism, the use of social media and their political values.

‘Hysterical Starving Naked’ demonstrates those true values to a tee. The single keeps you on your toes from start to finish and the tempo changes and different rhythm arrangements jump in out of nowhere surrounded with a wall of sound. It allows the passionate chorus to shine through, adding up to pack one hell of a punch.

Lighting a fire under the arse of the post-punk scene alongside bands such as Shame, Idles and Fontaine’s DC, Jools take shape through six members; vocalist Mitchell Gordon, guitarists’ Ellis Crowson, Chris Johnston and Sam Shooter, bassist Tom Selby and drummer Pete Mcleod.

They formed after being inspired by Shame’s television performance on Jools Holland in early 2018, hence the name. The band quickly caught the eye of BBC’s Dean Jackson who discovered their first and only demo ‘Good Morning Britain’ which was aired on BBC Introducing East Midlands.

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