Koppel create distinguishable 80s indie pop


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Californian trio Koppel return with their first single in two years ‘Running Out Of Love’ which screams classic 80s pop.

Comprised of three friends, Jordan Holston and brothers Jacob and Joel Copple, the band began to take shape when they all started playing together in church and other events in 2014 and 15.

Inspired by a mutual love for modern pop and of course, all things 80s, Koppel have created a distinguishable sound. ‘Running Out Of Love’, written by Jacob, was inspired by the idea that no matter what we can’t lose love.

Koppel release new single Running Out Of Love

With everything being so toxic in our society today, Jacob says: “It’s me preaching to myself and anyone who will listen that if we lose love, we’re just a dead man walking.”

Stay tuned for more updates on their social media pages as the trio are currently planning to release a new EP this summer.

Listen to ‘Running Out Of Love’ below and leave Koppel an ICM Rating out of 10. Also, check out their ‘Stripped’ version on YouTube.