Kaanvas produces emotive songwriting and blissful soundscapes


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Kaanvas is the namesake of producer and songwriter Mark Crews, who since the release of his official solo debut album ‘A Necessary Season’ in 2013 has developed on and perfected his personal style of songwriting whilst on hiatus.

Kanvaas has now released ‘Culture Me’ a 11-track album which journeys through feelings of love, loss and the stages of grief.

One particular song from the album ‘Catch 22’, perfectly intertwines the energy of a full band’s soundscape with Crew’s rich vocals and emotive, compelling lyrics. The song is about wanting to change the past, but the ‘Catch-22’ scenario of knowing that if you change the past, it will erase the present.

The track perfectly compliments the rest of ‘Culture Me’ to produce an incredibly emotive and rich album which illustrates Kaanvas’ raw talent in his return to music. You can listen to the track and the album below.