Johnny & The Man Kids return with an impressive and emotionally rich track


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The once passion project of brothers John and Tyler Marciniak, Johnny & The Man Kids is now a four-piece producing catchy and danceable rock and roll music. Andy Pszonak joined on guitar and Alex Bogart on drums and the Buffalo, New York group have released ‘That’s Different’.

‘That’s Different’ balances impressive riffs with rich vocals and emotive, rich lyrics that tell the story of fake confidence. The band explain that it’s ‘kind of like when a dude at a bar comes out guns-a-blazin’ looking for a girl and the insecurity that’s just under the surface seems to be even clearer than it would be if he was just himself. It’s not judging those dudes. Love is hard. It’s praising genuineness’.

The song is complex but certainly catchy and you can hear the heartfelt backstory in every line that vocalist John Marciniak sings. It forms a perfect opener to their EP ‘You Made Me Hurt’, which was released in April 2019.

You can listen to Johnny & The Man Kids and rate it out of 10.