Jack Cullen talks Love and Life Before London Date

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Jack Cullen

All male acoustic guitar playerss are all tarnished with the same brush. In this day and age with the like of Ed Sheeran dominating the charts and the world, it’s easy to forget raw talent when it’s right in front of you – So when Jack Cullen came knocking with his larger than life attitude, we had to have a chat with him before his date with CloseUp Promotions.

Jack. You’ve left a lot to be discovered about yourself. Who is Jack Cullen and where are you from? 
I’m a London born 23 year old.. with long hair and small legs. In only the last year or so, have I put my full energy into making music.. and I’m loving it!
What do you think distinguishes you from other predominately acoustic artists. 
I’ve never had lessons in any instrument before, nor have I ever learnt how to sing. So I suppose anything you get will be raw. If I think it sounds alright, then I’ll just do it!
Your recent single Teabags and Cigarettes was written on a rainy day in Ireland. Is there more of a backstory or did just feel compelled to pick up the pencil. 
I used to live in Ireland when I was a professional rugby player. And after breaking up with my girlfriend (shock) and my knee raised on a pile of pillows after one of my surgeries, I began to write the song whilst the heavens opened yet again on the west coast of Ireland.
I hear a lot of passenger in your music and elements of mainstream folk. Would you say that’s fair? Who inspires you musically? 
I would say so yes! I take a lot of inspiration from all over the place! When a melody is off or around the beat, I think it’s great! Musicians such as Sigrid, RY X and Allen Stone are just a few people who inspire me in that way.
You’ve got a show coming up with CloseUp. We’re a big fan of the work they do supporting new artists. What does the grassroots music community mean to you? 
At the stage I’m at.. I need all the help I can get! I’m seeing increasingly more aid to new unsigned artists.. which is great, and what they do is fantastic! I’m lucky enough to have a cracking group of friends who have shown amazing support in what I’m doing!