An Introduction to RedFaces

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An Introduction to RedFaces

RedFaces are an indie rock 4-piece straight out of Sheffield. Harry Lyon, Andy Wynn, Isaac White, and Charlie Yapp have just got their A-levels out of the way and are ready to concentrate on taking RedFaces to the top!

Tell us about your aims when creating music, and where does that aim stem from?

Obviously we aim to be the biggest band in the world, but we are just enjoying making music at the moment. Our songs are based on personal experiences and things we observe but people don’t need to have experienced the things we write about, as long as they take something away from them that’s all that matters. At the end of the day we write for fun, if people like it that’s just a bonus.

What was the catalyst for picking up instruments and wanting to start a band?

I always loved guitar music from The Beatles right through to bands now, The guitar just interested me and I seemed to be able to pick it up quite easily so it stuck, We just all loved the same music, me and Charlie are related so we knew each other very well and we all knew each other from school, so we were all good friends. We all played instruments so we started the band and me and Isaac would come to each other with songs.

We’re you very influential to music when growing up or did you establish your own musical preferences?

My dad loves The Smiths, The Stone Roses and Supergrass, my mum loves Barbara Streisand and Wet Wet Wet. I just wish my Mums taste would come out more in our music. (Tongue firmly in cheek)

Tell us about what it was like when you first started writing?

It was great, Isaac used to come to mine and play some Beatles-esqe melody on my old piano and I’d be in guitar. We just jammed until we found something we liked. It was like that for a while.  red faces

What’s the music scene like in Sheffield at the moment? Any band recommendations?

The Sheffield scene is alright, there’s some good bands like Adelphi, The Time sellers and Bang Bang Romeo, However there are some people in the Sheffield scene that are looking for ticket shifting bands rather than bands with good songs, so sometimes it’s hard for good bands to get support.

You recently performed at Y Not Festival under BBC Introducing. Tell us about that?

We played at YNOT on the BBC introducing stage this year thanks to Dean Jackson the DJ at BBC Introducing East Midlands. It was great , the crowd were fantastic and we really enjoyed playing a brand new set. YNOT is always a great festival so we were really grateful to be back there.

What and who influences you musically?

Everything influences us, it sounds clichè but we are always listening to different stuff to get us changing the way we write and look at our songs. Our drummer Charlie loves Rat Boy so it was good looking at how he writes, we are obviously influenced by Morrissey, Noel Gallagher and Damon Albarn because that’s the music we grew up listening to so it is inevitable that it would influence us.

Describe your song-writing process?

There isn’t really one, it just sort of happens

What was it like when you released your first single, ‘Katie Come Home’.

Well ‘Katie Come Home’ wasn’t a single. It was just a demo we made in Sheffield that sparked interest from a few people. We put it on Spotify about a year ago, I imagine people are bored of it by now.

Although you are in a band, do you still work odd jobs in-between live shows?

We have just finished A levels so we are hoping this becomes a job now, playing music’s the only thing we can see ourselves doing at the minute and I can’t imagine doing anything else right now.

How would you like people to respond to your music? Do you wish to connect emotionally with the audience or is it just about having a party?

I just hope someone takes something away from our music. They don’t have connect with it emotionally, unless they can’t find someone called Katie.

Do you ever see your sound changing from the type of music you write?

Definitely, bands who don’t develop they’re songs and sound get boring. We have all got into Tame Impala courtesy of a friend of the band so we are looking at ways that they can influence our sound. I’d hate to be in a band where in 5 years time it all sounds the same as it did 5 years before.

Do you ever see RedFaces expanding with more members?

Why? Dya wanna join? 😉

Below you can listen to their track Katie Come Home below and you can also check the band out on their Facebook page!

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