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The Indie four-piece from Sittingbourne, Kent have been causing earthquakes in the scene recently with their singles, ‘Teriyaki’ and ‘Pro Procrastinator’. They have had tours with Punk giants, Slaves and other emerging bands such as The Magic Gang and Spring King as well as playing at countless festivals such as Reading, Truck and LeeFest. Here’s Get Inuit.

Tell me more about Get Inuit – Who’s in it and how did you meet?

We are 4 poorly adjusted males from Kent. Consisting of brothers Rob (Drums) and James (Guitar) who met through youth, as well as Oliver (Bass) and I (Jamie, Singer) who met through the magical world of mutual acquaintances. A few years back we decided to prolong the inevitable phase of maturity by starting an Indie/Grunge band called “Get Inuit”.

Coming from Kent, what do you think of the growing music scene? 

It is always a challenge to maintain a music scene in Kent. It’s huge, so can be a pain to travel around (It’s the Garden Of England, if being so means a 2 hour round trip to retrieve the pink lemonade). But I think with acts like Slaves, Moose Blood and Will Joseph Cook doing so well in recent years, it’s definitely the strongest it’s ever been! Margate in particular has a wonderful Lo-Fi/DIY scene – it’s to die for!

Who have been your influences as a band?

I think we always approach writing our songs as if each one was a pop song of the Beach Boys/Beatles variety. We then do everything we can to mess it up, throwing in influences from Pavement and Radiohead to Sufjan Stevens and Pup.

You are heavily involved in BBC Introducing Kent, do you find this helps bands to have a platform to break onto the scene?

Having a hard-working BBC Introducing team is like having an extra life on Sonic The Hedgehog. They fully support and amplify your voice throughout the UK music scene. Abbie McCarthy and her crew do so much for local acts. I’d give them a Nobel Prize, but I am vastly unqualified to do so!

How did you find playing at a growing local music festival such as LeeFest?

It was fun to play what we consider to be a really sought after Festival for bands on the touring circuit, and knowing that it’s practically in you back garden. This year, it was basically a reunion for lots of music friends to hang out and catch up (Spring King, Will Joseph Cook, Native People and The Bay Rays all played our stage – yum!).

2016 has been massive for you as Get Inuit; releasing your killer single “Teriyaki” and you have had a fair amount of airtime on Radio 1, how have you found this? 

I’m glad you think it’s killer. Thank you. I would have also accepted “murderous” or “gut-busting”. It’s been great! We try our best not to get obsessed with numbers, because it becomes very challenging to be proud of your achievements when always comparing with other bands. If we’d known when we started that songs we write in our bedrooms have the ability to get played on BBC Radio 1, it would have meant the world to us – and therefore still does.

You have supported the likes of Slaves, VANT, The Magic Gang and Spring King, how do you feel this has helped, ‘Get Inuit’? 

It’s always very inspiring to watch a band that’s made it to the level that you need to be at, there’s so much professionalism and work involved behind the scenes that you can’t help but learn from. Even little things like vocal warm ups, and transitions from one song to the next. It’s definitely had a huge effect on us.

What has been your best memory as the band, Get Inuit? 

Last year we were invited to play SXSW in Texas. It was the first time we’d left the country as a band. It was the perfect mixture of great shows and great people. I have a constant urge to return whenever humanly possible. I really hope we get to!

What are your future plans for Get Inuit in terms of gigging and recording? 

We’ve got a new single out in January which is going to be very exciting from a personal level. A song we collectively can’t wait to show everyone. We’re also doing a headline show at The Lexington in London on the 25th Jan, which is looking like it is going to be off the proverbial chain. From then on-wards, we are going to do what we do best and “go with the flow”.

Get Inuit, what would be your dream festival to headline and why?

I’m going to be boring and say Glastonbury. You just can’t top that atmosphere and it’s one of those places that you can tell your grandparents about and get a real reaction from them. To be honest, I will settle for just playing Glastonbury! If we can do that – I’m happy!

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