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Interactive music videos are the next biggest thing to hit the music industry and has already seen the likes of Year & Years and Foals kick-starting the trend.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept, let me break it down for you. With the help of new and improved computerised engines and video editing software, viewers are now able to get involved with a music video in more ways than just sitting back and watching it.years__years_-_jan_press_shot_2_-_mike_massaro

Last week on Channel 4 saw Years and Years new track ‘Shine’, taken over by the viewers on social media. They were given the choice of what filter they would like to see used in the video. This was done using either #choosedark or #chooselight. Counting up the amount of hashtags used in a short space of time and running the results through a computer that was shown on-screen live, it’s pretty cool stuff, am I right?

But the madness doesn’t stop there. Foals have taken interactive media to a whole new level on the music front when they debuted their new song ‘mountain at my gates’. Being filmed with a go pro, you can watch the band perform with a full 360-degree view of every second of the video! It’s like google maps but in a music video, while it’s playing. Absolutely bonkers!

Have a go for yourself below,

Interactive music videos have been around since 2013, only touching the basic edges of what could possibly be done with the technology at the time. But now it has surfaced the mainstream and has rocked the cages of music industry and certainly is the future for the lost art of musical videos!

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