Study finds Indie music fans are more ‘Open Minded’

Study finds Indie music fans are more ‘Open Minded’

Indie music fans have all been tarnished with the same brush. Indie by definition is about an individuals self-representation of their uniqueness. It means independent thinking, making decisions based on your own internal compass instead of going with the status quo. In recent Memory. Indie is a twat half naked at a SLAVES gig off his head on ketamine.

I’ve been to plenty of shows and seen my fair share of what Indie looks like. Let’s be honest, Indie is that boy you kissed at that gig that ghosts you after dating for 5 months. His emotions and views on the world are limited and Wayne’s World is the best movie he’s ever seen. He quotes ‘The Big Lez Show’ and has long hair and skates. All in all, indie is a bit of a Jezzy.

However, that might not be the case. According to research from McMaster’s Digital Music Lab; researchers led by Matthew Woolhouse have studied more than a billion song downloads from the year 2007 to 2014 and found that indie fans are the most open-minded music fans out there. Woolhouse, after being questioned on his findings by CBC news said:

“Some genres are very exclusive. That says something about the type of person who likes that type of music. We think it relates to personality.”

A list was also complied of the top 10 most open minded music listeners based on their favourite genres.

  1. Indie
  2. Jazz
  3. Folk
  4. Country
  5. Classical
  6. Rock
  7. Metal
  8. Rap
  9. Dance
  10. Pop