In The Belly Of A Snake produce catchy and jangly pop debut


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Cambridgeshire duo In The Belly Of A Snake have come across ICM’s radar with their debut single ‘She’s The Sun’.

The band, comprised of Ricky Butcher (Vocals/Lyrics/Artwork) and Bobby Jennings (Music/Guitars), started writing for the new project in September 2019 following time in local band From the Sticks and have come up with this catchy debut single ‘She’s The Sun’.

The indie pop/rock track was one of the first the duo demoed when Bobby sent the music of the song to Ricky, before coming up with the chorus line. Now fully released the song has sublime vocal hooks and jangly pop guitars in overdrive.

Bobby said: “I was listening to a lot of Meat Puppets at the time, specifically the ‘Up On The Sun’ album and that track was what I wanted to get a similar vibe to. Hilariously I don’t think it ended up anything like it.

“The lead guitar line that sits behind the vocals on the chorus was actually not supposed to have any vocals over it. But when Ricky started singing that catchy chorus hook in unison with the guitar line that quickly changed.”

in the belly of a snake

Songwriting can be a challenge as Ricky lives in Leeds, and Bobby lives in Cambridge. But the duo make it work by sending ideas back and forth on Logic Pro X via email. It usually starts with the music and then Ricky will send a vocal idea back, and from there they arrange the structure of the song together.

Ricky added: “She’s the sun is a song about two lovers constantly being pulled away from each other. The original idea was inspired by the fable of how the sun loved the moon so much he died every night just to let her breathe.

“In this song, the sun is a woman and the moon is a man who is madly in love with her. But their meeting is brief as they can just barely touch fingers drifting apart while night turns to day, caught in a cycle forever waiting and always watching for that instance where they can feel each other’s touch if only for a moment.  It’s a song about desire, longing, loneliness and a deep love that never gives up.”

Listen to ‘She’s The Sun’ below on the ICM Discoveries Playlist and give In The Belly Of A Snake an ICM Rating out of 10!