Hottest Gigs 28/08/18

Hottest Gigs
Hottest Gigs 28/08/18

August is nearly over, and with that comes the gradual and inevitable end of the festival period. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because there are plenty more hottest gigs still to see (Without having to be knee deep in mud and covered in an unholy amount of dry shampoo).

The Lone Bellow

Tuesday 28th of August

Pocklington Arts Centre, York, United Kingdom

If you’re prepared to wade a little into the waters of something just a little bit more folksy and country oriented this Tuesday evening, then you might just find the likes of ‘The Lone Bellow’; a five piece American indie-folk outfit that offers musical charm in abundance.

Their track; ‘Times Always Leaving’ really caught my attention as a truly delightful and fun little ditty that I couldn’t help but tap along to. Check out the sunny and hopeful melody below.

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Tiny Ruins

Wednesday 29th of August

The Lexington, London

Second on this weeks hottest gigs radar are yet another indie-folk band, this time hailing from Aukland New Zealand, and going by the name of Tiny Ruins.

Softer sounding than the majority of artists this week, Tiny Ruins offers a more serene evening of beautifully written and performed songs that will have you swaying and singing along to. Hurry though, as last time I checked there were only a few tickets remaining.

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Spring King

Thursday 30th of August

52 Eden Street, Kingston

On Thursday we have an IndieCentralMusic frequent flyer. If you’ve visited the site before, then you’re more than likely to have heard the name Spring King thrown about a handful of times.

We’ve reviewed them, interviewed them and photographed them, but now its your turn to get out and see for yourselves that every ounce of hype surrounding them is 100% real and warranted. Not to mention as its a banquet records show, when you get a ticket for the show you have a choice of picking up a vinyl LP or CD as well.

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The Kooks

Monday 3rd of September

Belfast, Limelight

As appealing as sitting in on a Monday night with a Baileys in hand and watching Friends on Netflix for the 100th time sounds, I know that I’d definitely much prefer being out on the town watching the legendary Kooks rock out at Limelight in Belfast.

Don’t miss out on hearing some all time classics like the titular ‘Naive’, or one of their more recently released tracks like ‘Chicken Bone’. Unless you’re already committed and content with your plans to stay in.

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That about sums up this week for Hottest Gigs. As festival season is gradually drawing to a close, a lot of artists are getting some well deserved rest and relaxation after hitting some of the biggest stages in the UK for some wild shows; hence why a couple of the days are unaccounted for. Don’t be shy letting me know if theres an essential #HottestGigs still left to add this week, or any time in the future, I’d love to hear what you have to say. Thanks for checking out who you need to see this time around, have a great week of gigs, and I’ll see you again this time next week.