Hottest Gigs 16/10/18

Hottest Gigs
Hottest Gigs 16/10/18

Have you been feeling the bitter snap of that winter weather rolling in yet? Or already had the misfortune of hearing someone belt out Christmas songs at work? (Come on folks, it’s not even Halloween yet!)

Tuesday the 16th of October
The Wardrobe, Leeds

Getting off to a thunderous start, we have the London based four piece, Anteros!

I won’t lie, I feel as if I’m slightly late to the party having only recently properly discovered these guys for myself, but as they say; “Better late than never” (No I didn’t realise that they were responsible for the track, ‘Drunk’ – a song that I’ve adored for a quite a while)

I’m sure that after just a couple of listens you’ll become absolutely enamoured with Anteros’ undeniable charm and musical dexterity.

Another exciting quirk to discovering the band is that you can’t help but constantly unravel little threads of their influences the closer you listen. For example, whisperings of Blondie, Blur and even some No Doubt are all echoed distantly creating new and original indie pop with a nostalgic homely punch.

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The Vryll Society
Wednesday 17th of October
King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

First and foremost, please don’t ask me how to properly pronounce their name.
I might be slightly uncertain of how to say it, but The Vryll Society’s trademark sound absolutely speaks for itself. With a sound as individual and intriguing as their name, these guys are a definite and surefire hit for any fans of both the unconventional and peculiar.

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Black Honey
Thursday the 18th of October
Church, Leeds

Black Honey are one of my absolute favourite touring bands at the minute, and they should be one of yours too. When you’re listening you can’t help but get pulled in by the tantalising vocals of one Issy B. Phillips, along with their delightfully melodic tracks.

Each music video laid out like a feature-length film allowing you to delve into the mysterious world of Black Honey. This is theatrical aesthetic done right, without detracting from the musical quality as some bands have been with their recent releases.

Where to find tickets:

Paris Youth Foundation
Friday 19th of October
O2 Academy Liverpool, Liverpool

Opening up for the Sherlocks, this plucky lot are poised to bring some gloriously chirpy indie pop to the masses!
In a world filled with so many morose and lamenting tracks about love and loss, why not fill your day with some unapologetically uplifting indie pop?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve listened to these lads to get me up and moving before 6 am work starts (Today included), and without fail they always seem to sucessfully brighten my day. 

Where to find tickets:

Bloody Knees
Saturday 20th of October
The Leadmill, Sheffield

With a more Grungey sound that sinks into your skin like the deep rich ink of a tattoo, Bloody Knees promise to be an absolute highlight of ‘FESTIVILE 2018’. (No I’m not spelling festival wrong)

If you’re on the hunt for a new favourite band, then I emplore you to check out bloody knees this week. Let their raw jagged guitar riffs and anarchic rock wash over you like a towering wave.

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Dream Wife
Sunday 21st of October
The Hare And Hounds, Birmingham

If you haven’t heard of Dream Wife already, then honestly what kind of rock have you been living under?

Perhaps you’ve heard the exceptional hit ‘Hey Heartbreaker’ (If not, why not make yourself acquainted with the brilliant track now.
Long story short, these guys have no shortage of raucous hits, meaning that their live shows promise to be a non-stop party!

Where to find tickets:

Monday 22nd of October
O2 Ritz, Manchester

If you’re in the mind for refreshingly feel-good indie pop in its abundance, then frankly I’m surprised if you don’t already have tickets to see Coasts at the O2 Ritz.

Elegantly understated lyricism coupled divinely with dance along tracks sure to get the crowds moving.

Be sure to catch them whilst you still can however, as; If you weren’t aware of the heart breaking news already, after 10 long years  of being a band, Coasts have decided to call it quits.

Whatever the reason for the separation, the Bristol quintet deserve a send off for the ages!

So if you don’t have tickets to their farewell tour already, you’d better get a move on to show your support as the tours dates are drawing to a close.

“We hope that as many of you as possible can make it to the show to end this story with us in style.’” 

Where to find tickets:

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