Hottest Gigs 11/9/18

Hottest Gigs
Y Not Festival

In this weeks edition of Hottest Gigs, we’ve got solo projects, a couple of Banquet Record Gigs and at least one harp centric dream-pop outfit after my heart. Here’s who to be obsessing over this week, and they artists you need to get your arses out to see.

Tuesday 11th of September
Banquet Records, Kingston Upon Thames

Starting off this weeks hottest gigs are the powerful and aggressive rock trio, Trampolene (yes, intentionally spelt wrong)
These guys are the gold standard of energetic rock, and I think you’ll find that after giving them a listen, they’re more than deserving of your undivided attention on Tuesday evening.

Trampolene are the first of two Banquet shows this week. Anyone who knows Banquet will know that when you buy a ticket you can get a copy of the artist’s album as-well (in a variety of forms) for a beyond reasonable price usually)

Where to find tickets:

Self Esteem
Wednesday 12th of September
Omeara, London

As the solo project of the indie pop queen, Rebecca Taylor. Many held exceptionally high expectations of the previous indie duo Slow Club alum.

But I’m here to tell you (If you weren’t aware already) that she absolutely delivers on all accounts.

She flits skirts perfectly between the darkly creative percussive sound within the seams of critically acclaimed ‘Your Wife’, and the more poppy track, ‘OMG’.

Whether you’ve previously heard of Slow club, or have never had their music grace your ears, Self esteem is something new and different that truly deserves to be on your radar.

Where to find tickets:

Dave McPherson
Thursday 13th of September
Star Inn, Guildford

On the opposite side of the scales to mondays inclusion sits indie singer songwriter, Dave McPherson.

This time around, McPherson’s body of work comprises of tantalising stripped back tracks- which truly provides a stark comparison to his previously released material as the lead singer and songwriter of the Alt-metal band, InMe.

Where to find tickets:

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
Friday 14th of September
Broadcast, Glasgow

I won’t lie, previously I’ve knighted a number artists with as having perhaps the greatest (I.e. weirdest) band name in history, however this time I think I’ve found the ultimate champion of that title.

Let me introduce you to Psychedelic Porn Crumpets… Don’t worry, I’ll give you a second to take that all in.

There’s such prowess and intricacy within the chaos, and that truly excites me to hear from a band.

I’d love to see these Australian lads perform live for so many reasons, but to bear witness first hand to how masterfully the guitars within ‘Social Candy’ have been tamed might be at the top of my list.

Where to find tickets:

Yoke Lore
Saturday 15th of September
Banquet Records, Kingston Upon Thames

Described as “Bright and harmonic indie folk-with splashes of infectious pop”, Yoke Lore exists as the brain child of Adrian Galvin (Previously of Walk the Moon) and if that wasn’t intriguing enough, Saturday marks their first ever Banquet performance, which comes in the wake of their freshly released ‘Absolutes’ EP.

Get your EP and ticket here:

Diving Station
Sunday 16th of September
The Eagle Inn, Manchester

As a music journalist, I’m constantly discovering new music that surprises me, and this week is no different, as the harp driven dream pop quartet, Diving Station have proven.

Immediately this band caught my attention by drawing me in with their really caught my attention with their distinctive style, wispy vocals and delicate execution.

It’s both enchanting and relaxing (for the most part) to listen to, and I would highly recommend checking them out even just for the experience of having done so.

Currently, Diving Station have only one song on YouTube which has an intro some may find a little long, so I’d recommend finding them on Spotify to truly sample what they’re about rather than limiting yourself to one track. (But I promise you it’s worth it if you stick with the video)

Where to find tickets:

False Heads
Monday 17th of September
Oporto, Leeds

In the words of the immortal god Iggy Pop, “They are young and talented and going places… if they came to my town I’d show up for that, if they come to your town, you might wanna show up” -Iggy Pop

Honestly, that should be enough motivation to go see them, but if you haven’t been won over yet, why not check out the punk rock Essex lads for yourselves at the Oporto next Monday. Iggy wouldn’t lie to you.

If you’re not interested in their punk side then fear not as False Heads offer generous helpings of indie rock integrated seamlessly with the tentatively named “Snot pop” and grunge.

They may be many things, but boring definitely isn’t one of them- which they prove consistently track after banging track.

Where to find tickets:

There it is, this weeks Hottest Gigs. Let me know what you thought by tweeting/ messaging me at LouiseyyEmzyy on twitter, as always I’d really enjoy the feedback. Dont forget that I’m if there are any gigs that you think deserve to be on my radar for a future Hottest Gigs, I’d love to hear what you have to say! As always, have a great week, and I hope that you see some great gigs!