Haneke Twins create fuzzy alt-rock


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Longtime friends, work colleagues, and old band-mates Stefanos Leontsinis (guitars) & Paschalis Vichoudis (vocals & bass guitar) grace us with growling alt-rock.

The two CERN scientists, based in Switzerland, formed Haneke Twins this year and recorded their self-titled debut EP in Athens, Greece.

Recording over three days, the duo received help from Zabos and Costas Verigas from Greek band Afformance. Their alternative rock, post-punk, indie rock and post-rock influences shine through on one song in particular – ‘Climb’.

In an Interpol style with the fuzzy guitars and distorted vocals, the band has created their own upbeat, punchier tone that makes this track their own.

Talking about the recording process, the band also recorded another special track to their hearts.

They said: “We decided to cover a doors song – ‘The End’. Mainly because we like a lot The Doors, the main riff of the song and its lyrics. Though, we didn’t want to keep it at the same tempo, so we made a twist. In all our songs we try to play a lot with the guitar/bass sounds, so finding the right pedals/amps and settings took some time, before going to the studio.”

Currently working towards a new longer EP, Haneke Twins say it will feature about 7-9 tracks.  We can also expect the band to start touring in early 2019. So make sure you keep an eye out for what’s next.

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