Friday’s Finest with It’s All Indie, Turtle Tempo, Nexus Music Blog and ICM

plaza - Friday's finest

We’re now into the third week since the return of Friday’s Finest, and it’s our first time hosting the weekly feature alongside It’s All Indie, Turtle Tempo and Nexus Music Blog. Every Friday find out the lastest track we’ve been digging albeit old or new.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to it with Turtle Tempo.

Turtle Tempo: Drew Thomas – ‘Soho’

Drew Thomas pens an emotional love letter to the city that made him fall in love with music all over again in brand new release ‘Soho’.

You can’t help but admire how flawlessly the singer-songwriter manages to blend emotional lyricism with arena sized choruses.

You can see Drew Thomas at The Finborough Arms on November 21st, supported by George Rose. Tickets can be found here:

It’s All Indie: PLAZA – ‘SEE’

Hartlepool’s PLAZA have waltzed back into the ‘blogosphere’ with a rather dream new track titled “SEE”. It’s usually a tough transition for a band to add more elements to their sound but here the quartet have really pulled it off. It’s a very sharp and icy track with some post-rock elements giving it a somewhat dystopian feel, which means PLAZA have blown us away once again.

It’s the second cut from upcoming sophomore EP, ‘Wernotplaza II’ EP dropping via Clue Records (Crushed Beaks, Van Houten, Avalanche Party, TRASH) on November 29th. It’s great for us and especially for the people of Hartlepool, now they can champion a band that are definitely going places!

Nexus Music Blog: Elizabeth the Second – ‘No One Cares’

Elizabeth the Second are a trio that formed in Padova, northern Italy. Consisting of members Ben Moro (guitar and vocals), Michele Venturini (bass guitar) and Luca Gallato (drums).

Their first single ‘No One Cares’ is an energy laden, attention grabbing wall of sonic goodness. With all of the hall marks that are found within a great track being present throughout, it is no wonder that ‘No One Cares’ sounds, feels and is a track that demands favourable praise.

The band acknowledge that the track is inspired by the likes of The Clash, Blur, The Libertines, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana and The Stone Roses. And with the overwhelming vibes of soul-penetrating audio, wrapped neatly into a melodic, calculated release it will not take much to have listeners on board. This release is the first single from the upcoming debut LP ‘Two Margaritas at the Fifty Five’, due for release on November 9th.

ICM: Red Rum Club – ‘Kids Addicted

red rum club

Well the kids are addicted and I certainly am too at the moment! Red Rum Club’s new single is a pure rock anthem that is straight up their as one of the sounds of 2019.

The Liverpool-based sextet so elegantly and sexily brings the trumpets in, which seems to be the new mainstream in music absolutely everyone is using them, but they have already been a staple in the band’s diet.

Definitive of their signature Spaghetti Western Rock’N’Roll sound, ‘Kids Addicted’ is an anthemic and emphatic last hurrah. It’s a track that blazes with a furore of mariachi brass, snake-oil rhythms and galloping percussion.

Frontman Fran Doran said: “’Kids Addicted’ is an observation we wanted to make on the modern age of social media and the effect it has on youth culture. The constant interaction with a vast amount of people and the highs and lows of its addictive nature.”

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