FIFA17 Soundtrack #9 – Beaty Heart


With a heavy world music and electronic pop vibe, London’s Beaty Heart is a four piece infectious electric syndicate infused with a hint of neo-psychedelia. The band is naturally centred on the rhythm that is so imperative to the music they produce, considering that three of the members are drummers, hence the name of the band. The multitudinous variation of melodies is decorated by vocals and samplers, demonstrating the vast contributions each member brings to the band.

For fans of up and coming bands such as Blaenavon and Gengahr, Beaty Heart might be a name to look out for on the Fifa17 soundtrack; there is an essence of ‘indie’ behind their music, which could act as a back-route for those trying to branch out and experiment with their music taste. Slide To The Side, the chosen track of Beaty Heart to be featured on the soundtrack, is a real hidden gem that I became fond of as soon as listened to the tune; woven into the many layers of intricate percussion sequences are these intriguing staccato vocals that entice and excite.

Currently, Beaty Heart are embarking on a tour through America and various venues across Europe, after the release of their new album titled ‘Till The Tomb’ which was released late July this year. This Summer the band has played at festivals such as Bestival and Dockville, and have toured with the likes of the promising Beach Baby; it’s safe to say that Fifa have made an exceptional choice by adding these guys to the soundtrack.

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