FIFA17 Soundtrack #11 – Lewis Del Mar


First of all, grab a large mixing bowl, pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees and mix the following ingredients:

– Fresh sound
– Latin drums
– Sleek Acoustic guitar
– Digital samples
– Idiosyncratic vocals

Chris Lotten

Chris Lotten

Melodically mix, pour into a baking tray and chuck it in the oven. What you will produce is something cutting edge with undertones of excellence, otherwise known as Lewis Del Mar, the pop-folk duo from Brooklyn that can only make good music. The guys dropped their EP Loud(y) on SoundCloud last year. A few weeks later they had 300,000 views and a record deal with a major label. On top of that they made it to the top spot on Hype Machine but explain making a band was not the priority. However, Painting (Masterpiece) was bought to us upon their self titled debut album released this January, and what an album it is to grace our ears; melodic, percussion-driven sounds with sleek samples have put the Pop-Folk genre on the map and we can’t wait to hear what else it has to offer.

Fifa have created a platform to propel talented bands into the stratosphere. Lewis Del Mar are following in the steps of Kasabian, Two Door Cinema Club, Imagine Dragons and swathes of other great bands.

Unfortunately, Lewis Del Mar aren’t back in the U.K until late November as they’re busy touring everywhere else. It would be foolish not to keep up with these guys and follow their journey as the sky is the limit for them.

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