Fell Runner blend post-punk with guitar rock


LA rock band Fell Runner have now released their third single since the release of their debut album four years ago.

The quartet blends a bit of post-punk and guitar rock, which infuse it with literary sensibility, vibrant vocal harmonies of a unique voice. ‘Dog Inside a Car’ features expressive polyrhythms, influenced from their studies of West African music with Ghanaian drum master, Alfred Ledzekpo.

Fell Runner executes these embellishments without ever breaking the uninhibited drive that serves as the band’s foundation, keeping their sound edged and urgent.

Now, on the verge of releasing their second album titled, Talking, Fell Runner exemplify maturation and expansiveness. Branching out from their initial influences, the band has crafted masterful compositions revolving around themes of frustrated communication, failed language, and dealing with one’s own shortcomings. Tracked live in a bedroom, the album captures the spontaneity and improvisation of their live show.