False Heads release stomping new track “Slease”

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Sometimes a really crunchy and meaty bass riff is all you need to love a song. Thankfully False Heads’ latest track not only gives us that for an introduction, but continues down the path of beautiful raw punk in their new track “Slease”.

False Heads are the indie punk/rock trio from East London who’ve gained a cult following since their origins back in 2015. Their first single “Steal and Cheat” kickstarted their journey before subsequent releases of their singles “Thick Skin” and “Weigh In”. With backing from NME’s Emerging, Fred Perry, Radio X, and frequent slots at This Feeling shows, their following grew and their dedicated fanbase emerged helping to propel them into becoming one of London’s best underground punk groups.

The new single “Slease” only promises to propel them further into the spotlight. The track opens with the previously mentioned bass riff before drums and guitar burst in to build up an absolutely stomping amount of energy. By the time lead vocalist Luke Griffiths jumps in with the line “My sources seem to know…”, the track is well in full force. There’s a near perfect ebb and flow to the track. False Heads have absolutely nailed the influence from acts like Nirvana and The Sex Pistols. The grungy punk shines through fantastically. At the song’s peak the lyrics screaming “The state of you, the state of me” followed by a rip-roaring guitar solo. There’s drops in energy for a few seconds before bursting back in with the explosive full force of the band. You can only imagine how intense and sweaty a mosh this would create.

Post-solo and “Slease” has raised the bar for all punk to come. It’s good traditional punk with the perfect production of the modern day. Dont sleep on False Heads. Their previous tracks now backed up by “Slease” show they are ready to tear up the world.

You can listen to “Slease” below


  • Explosive
  • Powerful
  • Fantastic ebb and flow


False Heads have nailed their sound. While punk is making it's comeback, False Heads seem to have perfected the traditional punk sound while still retaining their individuality.

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