Exciting new albums for spring listening

Exciting new albums for spring listening

Wow! Hasn’t the days been flying past, were in March! And boy doesn’t spring have some superbly crafted albums for us!

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Chasing Yesterday
Released? 2nd March

Apart from supporting Manchester City and winding up brother, Liam. Noel Gallagher has completed his second solo album, featuring Jonny Marr guest spots. This man still has so much to give to music.

Modest Mouse – Strangers to Ourselves
Released? 2nd March

Eight years after their last album, ‘We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank’, the band from Washington, has gone to the deep end on this album with slap-bass and upbeat jams, which we kinda like.

Everything Everything – TBC
Released? Spring

On to their third album now and popularity is starting to pick up on the band. With single ‘Distant Past’ the future is looking extremely bright.

Circa Waves – Young Chasers
Released? 30th March

The Liverpool newcomers are a MUST listen. We really do believe they will become huge. Their first their first track, ‘Young Chasers’ has come sprinting out of the starting blocks. Now, featuring at Reading and Leeds festival, Circa Waves really do have a bright future ahead.

The Cribs – For All My Sisters
Released? 23rd March

Recorded with the help of Ric Ocasek, The Cribs have said they’ve produced the poppiest album since ‘Men’s Needs, Woman’s Needs, Whatever’. Get ready to be blown away. Literally.

Django Django – Born Under Saturn
Released? 4th May

After an impressive first album, Django Django have pulled another one out of the bag with latest single ‘First Light’ featuring the same hip hopping guitars and electro keyboard.

Death Cab for Cutie – Hintsugi
Released? 30th March

Death Cab for Cutie’s eighth album has seen outside assistance from Rich Costey behind the mixing desk. The band are progressing even further and still keeping the rock in one piece.


Purity Ring – Another Eternity
Released? 2nd March

The Canadian duo has been very experimental in their music, and ‘Another Eternity has plenty more including; EDM, trap, pop and electro-indie all merging together into some dam good music.

The Vaccines – English Graffiti
Released? Spring

They are back! And in style with their latest single ‘Handsome’ really shows their musical talent. Frontman Justin Young wants their music to sound really bad in ten years’ time. We’re sure it will, but in a good way.

Swiss Lips – Swiss Lips
Released? 16th March

Recently realizing latest single ‘Books’ in their self-titled album, has made a big impact in the alternative world, and are loved by Dan Smith from Bastille, so? What’s not to love.

The Wombats – Glitterberg
Released? 6th April

After a very successful second album ‘ This Modern Glitch’, their third studio album features the pop and rock indie mix in released singles ‘ Greek Tragedy’ and ‘Emoticons’ show they still have what it takes.

The Prodigy – The Day is My Enemy
Released? 30th March

The rave warriors are back after six years with their sixth album ‘The Day Is My Enemy’ which had influences including Elia Fitzgerald and Cole Porter, but still are at the top of the electronic world.

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