EP Review: Tanners Pool – Out Of Line

Tanners Pool

Tanners Pool formed in Oxford in late 2015 after joint song writing duo Matt (vocals, guitar) and Jess Ashdale (lead guitar, backing vocals) had been playing and writing together for a number of years. Having begun practising with Seth Roberts (bass) then old school friend Shoji Maeno (drums) decided to get involved after seeing the band perform their debut show. The rest is history. Now with a debut EP on the horizon, a music video in the works and live dates to follow, Tanners Pool are excited to take the next steps on their journey as a band together.

In keeping with the EP’s title, the record explores themes of going against the grain rather than following the mainstream trends we are force-fed and ultimately drawn to in life, instead promoting idea of individuality and following ones own path.

Opening track ‘Bad Advice’ kicks off with Jess Ashdale’s lashing her distorted guitar, which mirrors contemporary acts such as the Arctic Monkeys’ punchy, electrifying sound. While on ‘I’m Long Gone’ the band click into a funk rock groove akin to the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers, as Jess steals the show with an expertly delivered wah-wah pedal affected guitar solo. The band reverts back to their rock ’n’ roll roots in ‘Nothing and Nobody’ and ‘Plastic Wings’ where both tracks are filled with fuzzy guitar riffs and pounding drums throughout. Each track on ‘Out of Line’ offers something different as you work through the EP, as Tanners Pool impressively traverse the line between indie rock, funk and classic rock sounds of days gone by.

Have a listen to an EP teaser below!


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