EP Review: Sundara Karma – EPI

EP Review: Sundara Karma – EPI

The Reading based quartet consisting of Oscar Lulu, Haydn Evans, Dom Cordell and Ally Baty collectively make up Sundara Karma; the indie phenomenon describing themselves as “more refreshing than sunshine”. The incredibly young bands influences are arguably those in the spotlight right now, and the songs definitely have a touch of Palma Violets and Peace.

The band’s first EP debuted earlier this year to emphatic reviews after gathering support from supporting Swim Deep’s virtually sold out tour. Their tender age is not reflective of their music as Oscar Lulu demands attention from his powering vocals, and after appearing at a multitude of festivals earlier this summer; their stage presence is evidently undeniable.

Their first EP comprises of four songs: Loveblood, The Night, Freshblood and Waves and – each as brilliant as the last. Loveblood is an incredibly memorable lyrics and a slick writing style. The sunshine enthused melody provides an infectious tune perfect and was the perfect summer anthem; and will probably be next year too.

Loveblood is followed by ‘The Night’; again an incredibly lively track with Oscar Lulu’s empowering vocals not detracting from the slow tempo of the song and the relaxed vibes emitted. The grungy aesthetic is ever evident in the bass line that relentlessly plays throughout this track, this is possibly the most influenced from bands like Palma Violets, but given the Sundara Karma twist.

Waves offers a release and takes a relaxed approach in the beginning, again Oscar is the star of the track. His entrancing, smooth vocal range is partnered with the energetic drum beats and the hypnotic guitar solos combining to create another tranquil psychedelic rock track, tinged with the grungy rock and roll scene of the 90s

Freshbloom completes this eclectic EP, going straight in with the enthusiastic rhythm. A celebration of all Sundara Karma stands for; the sort of song that would get a crowd hyped and ensures chaos. It screams ‘festival’ and demands the chorus to be sung out by crowds. A beautiful end to a fantastic EP.

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