EP Review: Sunbathers Self-titled Debut

EP Review: Sunbathers Self-titled Debut

The American band, from Baltimore/ Washington D.C. are an indie rock quintet released their debut self-titled EP ‘Sunbathers’ this time last month.

Time for some background info on the band that only formed in autumn 2013. Sunbathers consist of; Sean Lynott – Vocals/Synth, Peter Mindnich – Guitar/Vocals, Tim Boate – Guitar, Sean Oliver – Bass and Shohsei Oda on Drums. Heavy influences from My Morning Jacket, Radiohead, and Phoenix. You can see Sunbathers channelling the sounds of alternative rock, indie and electronica.

My favourite track, ‘Intimacy’ – featured on our indie and alternative playlist – has a satisfyingly progressive yet smooth edge that pulls you in whilst you’re in curiosity. All the while Sean subtly overlays a love interest that goes wrong, but he mates it to the track without a hitch.

Also on the EP includes ‘Daisy,’ a light, airy tune with an energetic beat overlaid with smooth vocals. Smack in the middle is ‘Summer in the City,’ which embodies the most “feel good” take of the five tracks. Upbeat kicks with good vibes come together for an experience that’s like drifting on a cloud over a beach, say Ocean City, on a cool-yet-mild summer day.

‘All Your Lovely Colors’ it as a dialed back ‘Summer in the City’ with more aggressive vocals and most definitely darker imagery. The vocals, backing vocals, guitars, drums, really everything just seamlessly coordinates in harmony, then eventually fades out — as if to black.

You can check out their Facebook and Twitter profiles and give them a follow!

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