Ellie Rowsell and Isaac Holman didn’t get engaged

Wolf Alice

We’ve all got some pretty bad habits. Whether you smoke, bite your nails, or pick your nose, everyone does something that’s considered a bad habit.

One I believe everyone has is an innate curiosity into the lives of celebs and sometimes that involves seeing a headline from shitrags like The Sun or The Daily Mail.

The indie scene saw a particularly interesting story recently when news broke that Ellie Rowsell, lead singer and guitarist for Wolf Alice, and Isaac Holman, drummer and lead singer of Slaves were engaged.

Except they aren’t really, are they? Many people know of the couple’s relationship, their social media often features photos of each other. When it was announced that they were engaged there was a moment of that curiosity into celebrities lives that we’re all partial to.

A happiness for the couple that filled the inescapable void of loneliness that we all know so well. Then it crumbled when Ellie took to Twitter to announce they weren’t getting married, along with a joke tweet about matching dermal piercings on the ring fingers.

“No but seriously I don’t know why tabloids are writing about my personal life let alone lying about it. I’m not engaged to anyone, I haven’t bought a house in Margate and my name isn’t Alice. Cheers for the nice messages tho and stop reading The Sun x” – Ellie Rowsell on Twitter

So, um, no. Ellie and Isaac aren’t engaged. She also clearly hasn’t bought a house in Margate as some stories suggested. Seemingly some of them even called her Alice. It’s a bit of an insult to journalism, and to Ellie and Isaac, to straight up get the names wrong and lie about an engagement that wasn’t even hinted at.

The “news” outlets have since deleted the online posts although some things can’t be deleted and that’s the physical papers. One paper, as shown by Ellie’s brother Kevin on Instagram stories, used the title “Wolf Girl To Marry Slave”. Wolf girl…to marry…slave… Not entirely sure what a single person was thinking when this went out. It must’ve gone through the writer’s head, then the editor, any other final checks, anyone printing it, and still, STILL, they came out with “Wolf Girl to Marry Slave” as if it’s some joke about the band names.

As Ellie said; don’t read The Sun, and as I’m saying; don’t pick your nose.

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