Dreamy indie waves of London duo Corta


British outfit Corta is a mystic couple who create woozy and dreamy indie rock swoon.

The London ‘dreamslop’ and ‘shoeglaze’ band released their debut EP in April which is packed to the brim with dreamy indie waves and “warm spaghetti feels” as the band describe it in the bio.

The washed out vocals and interlocking guitars slide through the room in backwashes of echoing vocals, riveting percussions and rhythmic guitars that have been described as “laying on a shoreline at night and listening to the soft bubbles of tidal surf lapping over a sandy beach”.

Corta is a set of musicians that are still finding their place in what is a busy London circuit who have a lot of potential to offer. Perhaps we’ll see the band blossom and open up about who they are. In the meantime, listen to the EP now. 

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