Holy Wars – sweet dark-pop


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LA-based musician Kat Leon and her project Holy Wars return with a new single after her 2017 debut album Mother Father.

Broken down by tragedy, Kat rises like a phoenix to soar in and out of the silvery clouds. With the help of bandmate Nicolas Perez, the duo uncover new layers to their existence.

In the aftermath of their debut project, 2017’s Mother Father, a dedicated set to Kat’s late parents that weaves through grim realities littered with misery’s carnage, they continue to pick up the pieces and glue them back together.

“I’m just happy to wake another day” Kat Leon

‘Born Dark’ remains nearly as gritty and electrifyingly sinister as before, but a new freedom is unlocked in being playfully macabre and rhythmic. “Turn me on with misery / Sweet poetry / Maybe, I was born dark / Bullet holes in my heart,” Kat sings.

The single goes back to their initial roots, her voice is blistered and bruised as she explores her creativity and devilishness. Kat said: “We wrote a ton of songs, and all of them just didn’t stick with Nick and me. It almost felt like we were starting over in some way.”

After writing TV trailers for FOX and other networks, the duo have built up a craft for stylistic songwriting that is finished off with such precision. ‘Bork Dark’ sounds like it could be the next 007 theme tune it’s that cinematic.

In their songwriting, Leon dug deeper to her core, as well as the decaying world around her, to uncover “things about our society, life, myself (myself before and myself today) and the human need for existence,” she says. “I’ve become obsessed with analyzing everything. Studying people and why we are the way we are, especially in this society we live in today.”