Discover the powerhouse that is Baula


I’ve frequently said this before but band names are so incredibly important. Finding good ones is not only important for the band to create a good image, but also for fans to really connect to them and help the act be set apart from any other artist. So when Scandinavian two piece Baula came up I was intrigued. Some small digging shows that Baula is taken from the Icelandic word for the sound a cow makes. I can’t begin to explain how much I love this.

Baula’s name doesn’t give any indication to their sound. Allow yourself to be thrown headfirst into the powerhouse of 90s rock that Baula thrust at you. The duo’s latest track ‘February 2018’ goes straight in with the full power of the band. Catchy electric guitar riffs and a powerful fuzzy bass instantly hooks you in. There’s a haunting nature to lead singer Karolina Thunberg’s vocals. She seduces you into the track and hypnotises you while still giving you the power of Riot Grrl 90s culture.

Their discography doesn’t stop there. Baula’s 90s infused rock lingers and cuts through in their song ‘I am the Fire’. ‘I am the Fire’ is one of the most catchy songs I’ve listened to in a while, and certainly the track you’ll have on repeat forever. A simplistic yet catchy bass riff creates an incredible build before a tease of that explosion in the chorus. Smaller heavier sections of Thunberg yelling “I am the Fire” precedes a bar of a calmer drop and then brought back again with repetition of the title. This ebb and flow is so fast and so beautifully compelling leaving you hungry for the raw explosive power to come. The bridge delivers with completely fuzzed out instruments and escalation to the final chorus. A bombastic climax to a beautiful track.

The band sit on three previous singles and are soon to release their debut EP ‘Drought’, available May 27th.

Listen to Baula below:

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