Discover: The Linedots – Small Talk

The Linedots

Small Talk is the debut single released by London-based band The Linedots. After hearing The Linedots earlier project entitled Waterfall, I had high hopes for what would come of their debut single, and I was not disappointed in the slightest.

The London-based duo consisting of members Evangeline Ling and Kevin Emre released another mellow and dreamy song in the form of Small Talk. After being described as an iridescent, night blooming fever dream of a song, I was intrigued to see if I could match that description. These words fit perfectly the feeling of ease and relaxation you get when you listen to Small Talk. Whilst generally being a pop song, you could hear filters of more distilled and richer tones, making the song a lot more mellow and carefree. 
The duo themselves described Small Talk as being about “everything and nothing at all – it is up to the listener to decipher their own meaning. This is why the book is always better than the film.”
You can find the latest single below:

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