Makeout Point – The energetic punk-rock attitude


Swedish five-piece Makeout Point return with a mixture of rock and shoegazing punk as they give us a taste of the new EP.

‘In Memories shows a tougher and rigid sound. With powerful heavy guitars and energising vocals from Shiva Kazemi add to an emotional piece of music.

The Stockholm quintet’s blend of punk, rock and 90s indie-pop takes ‘In Memories’ to another level which is colourful and energetic. Taking on influences from the Pixies and such, Makeout Point propel frantic guitars into the oncoming path of kick-ass upbeat drums from Simon

The song tells a story of destructive relationships, alcohol and the feeling of not releasing it as fast as it should be.

The band consists of Alma Broman (bass), Andreas Gustafsson (guitar), Shiva Kazemi (vocals), Simon Hjort (drums) and Theo Brus (guitar).

The debut EP, ‘Dear Audrey’ is expected later this year via Youth Recordings.