Discover solid indie pop songs from Anela & The Early Hours


Indie pop quartet Anela & The Early Hours hailing from London in Ontario have just dropped their debut EP.

The Canadian band met in their freshman year at Fanshawe College and have been tucked away writing upbeat tunes to keep heads bopping and slow jams to keep people swaying. They are; Anela Navarro, Alex Hindriks, Dylan Sabater and Hayden Vandenbosch.

Taking influence from Vampire Weekend, Tokyo Police Club, Young The Giant and The Arkells, the EP titled My Escape clearly brings the upbeat pop and elegant vocals.

One of the tracks ‘Get Out’ is probably the sound you were looking for when you clicked on an article about indie rock. Anela & The Early Hours have a wonderfully engaging sense of melody here. The vocal sits blissfully over the song perfectly without being overbearing.

The band posted on Facebook: “My Escape is finally out! We have been sitting on this EP for some time now and we are excited that we are able to share it! The songs on this EP holds memories in our hearts that we won’t forget and will always mean a lot to us.

“Special thanks to the people that helped us make this EP possible, our friends and supporters, and to everyone that came out to our shows. We will always be forever grateful! Hope you enjoy it!”

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