Discover – Shimmering indie pop from Bright Orange Spectacle


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Bright Orange Spectacle will immerse your world with buoyant keys and shimmering guitars on their debut release ‘She Could Get Better’.

The London/Brighton quintet started with frontman and songwriter Charlie Sinclair working with producer Ed Ripley. Both quickly got into a natural rhythm of creating “loud and proud” pop music.

Charlie slowly drafted in a bunch of musicians to help support him live. As the chemistry grew it became evident that the group needed the energy of the five of them to really achieve a modern and interesting sound.

‘She Could Get Better’ is the debut single screams charismatic, modern day love song lyricism whilst pulling on a range of eclectic influences through the musical ages. It’s pop, but with a millennial bite. The songs creativity is really flowing and the sound grows on you as it progresses. From a standard band line up to having elements of baroque, undertones of RnB and more than a dose of classic Bowie influence.

In it’s bold and yet simple complexity, ‘She Could Get Better’ explores a ‘glam rock’ genre and tinged up pop music. After spending weeks in and out of studios composing velvet laced string arrangements, lush vocal layers and recording together as the core five-piece line up the band have created something truly original that is fitting of the name Bright Orange Spectacle.

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