Discover: Persian Hugs – ‘Just A Little’

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Persian Hugs

Alternative rockers Persian Hugs are fresh out of Liverpool with fast paced and groovy rock ‘n’ roll tunes.

Formed in 2017, the trio – Henry Belcher, James Weatherley-Buss and Jacob Barrow – met through the University of Liverpool as their creative endeavours flourish is a music scene that is already thriving.

‘Just A Little’ is the bands follow up to their debut single ‘Lipstick Mama’ and it’s such a groovy rock track. The guitar riffs glide over the repetitive but upbeat drums.

Henry Belcher, lead singer and guitarist said: “Just a Little is a fast paced groove orientated track that once we had written knew had potential as one of our singles.

“It was written after the breakup of a relationship to try to explain the feeling of being unable to express yourself to your partner when everything seems to be going wrong for you both.

“Lack of communication was the inspiration for the song rather than genuine dislike of the other individual in question, purely the frustration of being in a situation where whatever you say seems to make it worse.”

You can find Persian Hugs on Facebook and Instagram.

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