Discover: Mark Elliot – Drink To Thunk

Mark Elliot

Mark Elliot’s new single, ‘Drink To Thunk’ epitomises modern indie pop, an infectiously catchy chorus acts as the proud catharsis to the slow building verses. The delicate piano blends effortlessly with the harder, more electronic elements of ‘Drink To Thunk’.

The second track to be taken from Mark Elliot’s highly anticipated EP China Doll, ‘Drink To Thunk’ follows his initial song Dead End Love Affair. Elliot himself has described the song as “That feeling where you’re too drunk to string a sentence together but have complete confidence in your ability to dance like MJ. Sounds like a giraffe trying to moonwalk it’s way out of a wardrobe.” An accurate description, as it takes a very fragmented approach from the fast paced summery vibes to the more simplistic and slower elements that allow Mark Elliot to express his vocal talent. Elliot’s synopsis also conveys his musical approach: a cheeky, unique style bubbling with lively energy and musical talent. The interesting artwork, available on Soundcloud is by the renowned contemporary artist Eugenia Loli, and the intriguing stylistic approach is also expresses the indie style.

Ultimately Elliot’s Drink To Thunk is a perfect summer banger; balancing an emphatic wave of indie pop perfectness alongside a platform to showcase his vocal ability and creative song writing. Drink To Thunk paves the way for Elliot and builds the hype for the debut of his EP.

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