Discover: Leisure Club


As we come towards the hazy lazy days of summer we are in need of music to truly match that feeling. When you’re out in a park with mates sipping some ciders, at a barbecue, even just chilling with the windows open blaring some tunes, you need music to match.

Canadian quintet Leisure Club can provide you with just that. Boasting a whopping collection of singles as well as a self-titled album from 2017 there’s plenty to sink your teeth into. Their most recent single ‘Shoreline’ opens with soft vocals before bowing into the almost psychedelic undertones. It’s reminiscent of Gengahr’s style but leans far more into the synth and the almost pop like style gives Leisure Club entirely their own sound. It really lulls you into that daydream state with the chorus-heavy guitars, steady but diverse drums. Previous to ‘Shoreline’, Leisure Club opened us up to the far more pop notes of their style. ‘Forever’ feels like blending the beautiful indie rock of Gengahr with the upbeat and incredibly fun indie pop of bands like Passion Pit, a little psychedelic note of bands like Tame Impala, and even The Temper Trap.

Leisure Club’s brand of music really fills a gap as if it were made of liquid to fit the cracks perfectly. The charm Leisure Club brings through jangly guitars and catchy vocals is intoxicating and will surely let us drunkly stumble through the blurry sunny evenings to come.

While the five-piece only have one show coming up in North America, we’ll surely see them with more dates soon, their support of acts like Blossoms and Cub Sport has only solidified them as ones to keep an eye on.

Listen to Leisure Club below:

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