Discover infectious guitars from Parts


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Parts are a promising electronic mixed acoustic band from Tel Aviv, consisting of Bar Huss, Ben Kohavi and Yuval Adams. Ahead of their soon to be released debut album ‘Pleasure as Pain’, the band have released their first single from the album entitled ‘False Dreams’.

‘False Dreams’ is eclectic. It combines its feverish drum and bass foundation with the harsh, infectious guitars that keep its listener hooked. The building rhythm is met by dark messaged laced into catchy lyrics that form a well-rounded and rich song. As the song builds, it expertly juxtaposes its chorus with its verses which create a dynamic listening experience, you never quite know what you are going to hear next which keeps the song fresh and interesting.

Songwriters Huss and Kohavi have intertwined feelings of love, forgetfulness and particularly insomnia into not only the single but the album as a whole. ‘False Dreams’ illustrates Huss’ experience of insomnia and presents an ‘allegory for living within a lost society’ and the narrative of being unaware of realities of life around a sleepless night. The richness of the songs instrumentals is met by complexities in the lyrics and its message.

You can listen to False Dreams here as well as checking out the video accompanying the song created by Ilan Bar which visualises the song by presenting three characters pursuing their own personal ‘false dreams’ but with unexpected endings and surprising twists of fate.