Discover hypnotic indie pop from Stray Fossa


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Charlottesville trio Stray Fossa are starting to make serious waves in the UK with the release of their latest single ‘Swells’.

Comprised of brothers, Nick and Will Evans and Zach Blount, the trio draw on a mixed musical inspiration absorbed from parents’ record collections. They got organising regular free concerts in their hometown of Sewanee, Tennessee and their careers took off from there.

The fourth studio single is entirely self-recorded and produced in their living room studio. Atmospheric and hypnotic vocal harmonies flow seamlessly over alt-rock riffs and electronic samples giving the song a natural drive.

The bands ambient bass and guitar layering with shimmering vocal washes to craft songs that hover somewhere between modern garage and indie pop with a varnish of nostalgia for what hit the airwaves in the 60s and 70s. Something that the UK is completely loving at the moment. The Evans brothers’ lyrics float on top—at times an intimate narrative and other times mixing pointed observation with subtle and unassuming commentary on human behaviour and complacency.

Stray Fossa’s previous single, ‘Commotion,’ received positive reviews as a “compelling unconventional” take on shoegaze and the track was streamed over 100,000 times on Spotify. Keep an eye out on more tunes over the coming months.

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