Discover fuzzy alt rock from Alison’s Fall


Alt rock duo Alison’s Fall will seduce you with their looks and danceable, mechanical beats.

The Den Hagg, Holland, brother and sister team Floortje van der Kooy (Bass & vocals) and Pepijn van der Kooy (Guitar) dropped their second single ‘One More Time’.

The deep roaring synth like bass and irresistible fuzzy guitar lines that ring through the beat. Coming together through the honest voice and stories of the vocals. ‘One More Time’ is about the struggle and insecurity when someone’s getting closer to you and you start to care for them. At first you only want to show them the happy and fun side of yourself. But when you spend more time with them, you can’t always keep them from the dark.

Influenced by acts as The Kills, St. Vincent and Queens of the Stone Age, Alison’s Fall is not afraid of experimenting for an explicit and unique sound. Because of their years of experience, playing in different bands, making music and growing up together. They know exactly what to expect from one and other and share the same vision.