Discover Boston alt rockers Payton Gin


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Boston alt rockers Payton Gin have just released their psyched up, jazz-infused self-titled debut EP.

Named after the street singer/songwriter Liv Field’s first producer, Andy Lane on Payton Gin Road in Austin, Texas, the band was formed in late 2018. And They didn’t hang around creating songs and started work on the debut EP in November last year.

‘Rendezvous’ is taken from that EP which is filled with fun jazz guitar licks and a crash of synths and cymbals which make it sound like a psychedelic rock number. The speed is kept high and energetic throughout and the male and female vocal mix keep the pace smooth and unique.

Liv met each band member either through house parties in Boston, or through her school at Berklee College of Music. Their first jam together took place in September 2018, and everything seemed to blend beautifully.

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