DECO round off successful year at Camden Assembly in style

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For their final show of 2019, and the decade, London indie pop band DECO put on an incredible display at the Camden Assembly last week (Thursday).

But before I get into that, we should talk about the support bands RAMES and The Covasettes. First onto the stage was London quartet RAMES who have just released a new single ‘Easy For You’. The jangly pop lads were a bit rigid on stage and I think the singer, Alan Li’s voice was a bit croaky, but the band is heading in the right direction and they have a great catalogue of indie pop tunes.

Energetic and charming was the next band to grace the stage – The Covasettes. The Manchester-based outfit are hot stuff at the moment despite what the mum of frontman Chris Buxton says. She said that they’re “not good enough yet”. Well, what I saw was lots of energy, great charm and enthusiasm for the packed-out audience and fantastic indie pop tunes; The Covasettes will be a force not to be reckoned with next year. deco

This brings me on to the main attraction of the evening, DECO with a headline show at Camden Assembly. Max, John and the gang came bursting out with tonnes of energy and a huge sense of achievement. They’ve dreamt of headlining the popular venue since they started hanging around trying to get a support slot when it was formerly known as The Barfly, and now it’s their turn to be at the top of the bill.

There’s so much in this quartet’s locker; a whirlwind of catchy lyrics, infectious riffs and endlessly playable sounds that got the crowd jumping and even screaming at them. They pulled out all of the stops when they brought out the huge red balloons and Max’s sister on the saxophone. Now, 100 per cent every single song is made better by a cheeky bit of sax.

The boys also played a couple of new tracks which I’m sure we can expect to hear in the coming months.


  • Great energy
  • Charmed the crowd


DECO with a headline show at Camden Assembly – Max, John and the gang came bursting out onto the stage with tonnes of energy and a huge sense of achievement for one final send off.

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