D.I.D return with new single Killer Whale


Nottingham five-piece D.I.D return in quick succession with their latest single ‘Killer Whale’.

The band consists of Robert Milton (lead vocals + guitar/bass), Joss Van Wilder (keyboard), Trev (bass/sax), Paul Roberts (guitar) and Daniel Harvey (drums).

D.I.D have essentially been in hiding the past three years after their debut album ‘All Our Favrouite Stories’ and their classic track ‘Teenage Daughter’. They released their Fast Food EP last year to keep the fans going which worked to perfection.

After coming out on Facebook at the end of October stating that they are back in business and they weren’t lying. ‘Flush’ and ‘Killer Whale’, eerily stifled with a subdued melody is the foundation of the opening to the track; the song continues to find its footing with the introduction of their signature, easily distinguishable vocals.

Check out their site – http://www.didnotts.com/

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