Cool pop and electrifying rock from BENJII


Emerging from the coastal mountains and lush rainforests of Vancouver, Canada, alternative-pop artist BENJII breaks onto the scene with his sophomore single.

Combining refreshingly cool pop and electrifying alt rock riffs make up new cut ‘BOA (Show Me You Love Me)’. BENJII’s enigmatic ability to see colour in sound alongside a dark taste for texture and melody has resulted in a sonic panorama of moody electronics, sparkling guitars, atmospheric synths and alluring vocals.

While the sound of his first single – ‘California’ – dawns a neon silhouette of feel-good West Coast vibes, the musician explores contrasting lyrical themes of solitude, escape, and the search for meaning. With sky-high choruses, verses drenched in vocal processing, and some tastefully articulate guitar work peppered in-between, California aims to show listeners that BENJII isn’t a new artist to be taken lightly.