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Just days after their self-titled EP, Liverpool quartet SPINN prepare for what’s to come in May as the band are set to play Liverpool Sound City and CloseUp Festival in London. The band had time for a quick chat as they rest before playing alongside Youth Club in Birmingham and Nottingham. What we do know is that the band have a unified love for Doc Martens. Find out more as Macie chats with SPINN.

What’s new with you guys? What have you been up to recently?

Honestly, at the minute we’re in the middle of a lull purely because our tour was split up into two halves and this interview came through during the period in between. I suppose we’re just doing what we do best, chilling to the max, going to rehearsals and waiting to hit the open road again.

How has the reaction been regarding the release of your recent EP? 

People seem to really love it, it’s insane. One review called it a ‘Masterpiece’ and people have said songs on it are their favourite ever which is pretty cool, we played an EP launch show too which was 1000/10 – probably the best the 2nd gig we’ve played after Kazoopa Festival 2017 in Leeds, thanks to the bar staff who stood and watched us.

We see that you’ve been back in the studio. As the weather gets hotter can we expect some new hot ass tracks? 

I did not know that was public knowledge, but I think the ultimate answer to that question is I don’t know, I think we’re gonna use the old Doc Martens™ (sponsorship pls) technique and let the EP ware in, so keep listening, let the leather go comfy and fit your feet. One shortcut is to buy a pair of Doc Socks© which is the equivalent of coming to see us live and will help you transfer into SPINN listenership very easily.

However, always know that Doc Martens could always bring out a banging new pair of shoes e.g. The Doc Martens Shamrock 1460 shoe. Similarly, we could also release a new tune, just make sure you’ve got your Doc Socks on, so you can easily jump into the new pair of shoes and be the coolest kid in town. The same applies to SPINN songs. I hope this answers your question.

Why is it important to you that you play intimate festivals like CloseUp?

I guess we like intimate shows like CloseUp, so we can get ‘close up’ and intimate with the audience, plus Sam Tucker (the organiser) is a boss guy who we love. All that aside we do love playing to audiences where there feels like more of a connection, places where there are barriers between you and the audience take away the connection and make it harder to get into it, Hoxton is one of them venues where you can just properly get into it because of how intimate it is. Just love the gaff to be fair mate.

What are your feelings approaching CloseUp? Got anything planned? 

It’s great to be heading back to London again, Louis and I are pretty geeky when it comes to public transport systems and stuff like that (Louis knows almost every motorway route) so I think maybe I’ll take the tube to somewhere trendy and buy some clothes. Last time we were in London I left some clothes there and was devastated. If you ever find a Tesco bag that has tee-shirt inside with a jaguar on it, it’s mine.

What’s the plan for the festival season? Any that you’re particularly excited about?

Liverpool Sound City and LIMF (Liverpool International Music Festival) are what we’re looking forward to the most, purely because we’ve grown up with them two festivals and we finally get to play them, alongside some sick acts too, for example, The Blinders, Queen Zee, No Hot Ashes, Sub Blue, and Trudy & The Romance. Got to showcase that label and local talent haven’t you.

Find our review of SPINN’s debut EP here. Tickets are available to purchase via TicketWeb here.

Tour dates 

April 24 – Birmingham, Hare and Hounds* w/Youth Club
April 25 – Nottingham, Rough Trade* w/Youth Club

May 5 – Liverpool, Sound City Festival
May 12 – London, CloseUp Festival

August 3 – Leicestershire, 110 Above Festival

Words by Macie Emery

ICM and CloseUp Promotions

Founder and Editor-in-Cheif of ICM, full-time journalist, occasional photographer, Chelsea FC.

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