CLOSE UP Artist Spotlight – VICTORS

Artist Spotlight

Coming off the back of a successful festival, CLOSE UP bring us a new Artist Spotlight in the form of VICTORS.

Check out what the Leeds quartet have been up to:

Tell us the story of your most recent track released through CloseUp/Modern Sky, Big City? It shows a different side to VICTORS from past releases for sure.

“It’s basically about dealing with past decisions even if you now think they probably weren’t the right ones. It’s about staying up all night, talking stuff out in parked cars, real life. We wanted to show a more honest side to our art and we think we accomplished that with Big City.”

You return to the stage in Leeds, your hometown, this May for a sold out headline show. Tell us about how you’re feeling about it?!

“We’re really excited, we haven’t headlined a show in Leeds for a while now. We never really get nervous but we’re a little jittery for this one, in a good way. Only because we have a whole new set and stage setup which we’re doing for the first time. We also have a guest appearance for this show so we’re really looking forward to that.”

Your tunes have been listened to by millions across the world as Spotify informs us, Spotify is now such a big player in the industry, how important do you think it is for emerging acts?

“Spotify is one of the big reasons (if not the biggest) as to why we have such a great international fanbase for a relatively small band, particularly in LA, New York, Taiwan and the Philippines. Nowadays, I’d say its essential for emerging artists to get themselves on Spotify and start circulating on playlists. Our debut single ‘Tonight’ started circulating in America and was suddenly being played in NFL stadiums across the country. Before you know it, our streams had shot up to over a million fairly quickly after that.”

If you created a VictorsFest, and could pick 3 headliners, who would you go for?!

“Frank Ocean, Bon Iver and Phil Collins – We worship them all and we haven’t seen any of them live before.”

What’s your favourite song of the VICTORS back catalogue to play live?

“I can’t say the name of the track because it hasn’t been officially revealed yet, but we’ve tested out our new single at a few shows in London and Sheffield. All will be revealed…”

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