Circa Waves Debut Album Review

Circa Waves Debut Album Review

Circa Waves have had a pretty awesome year. The Indie-rock quartet has released their first album ‘Young Chasers’, which has pretty much set the indie scene alight. The Liverpudlians have included the sounds of Two Door Cinema Club’s beat with a touch of The Pigeon Detectives rocking guitars.

This product of Indie is tremendous, and a band of the right age to be obsessed fans when people like Ezra Koenig, Alex Turner and Luke Pritchard were at ultimate levels of cool. They’re also the exact kind of marketable, clean-cut kids that major label executives eat for breakfast; which Virgin and Universal Music have done just that. With all that said, Circa Waves will be playing Wembley Stadium within two years which the fast growing success and popularity they are having the likes of The 1975 and Two Door Cinema Club should watch out.

‘Get Away’, ‘T-Shirt Weather’ and ‘Fossils’ blow you away before you even listen the fourth song on the album. The catchy three-minute songs describe what you get from Circa Waves: Blatant Strokes of electrifying guitars and drums that will make your head explode in excitement. So watch out for so-called toxic levels of sun and t-shirt weather!

Leading single ‘T-Shit Weather’

The band recently spoke to Digital Spy, saying: “We’re all massive fans of vinyl so we were really keen to make it feel like two sides almost, so the middle fades away a little bit like a real old school vinyl.” Which they certainly Mastered – ‘My Love’ and ‘Deserve This’ show their soft and quiet side to their music. ‘Young Chasers’ and ‘Good For Me’ kick start up the British indie pop angles are covered, with a distinctly contemporary alt-indie flair.

While the album represents a clear and well-formed sound (not bad for a band who’ve only been together since 2013), a little sonic variation from the guitars and four to the floor 3-minute wonders wouldn’t go amiss.

But Circa Waves will be huge because even the most po-faced generation needs light relief and, this last half-decade, all we have really seen the last couple of years  is the hollow faux-indie of Bastille. We need more band like these! Spread the word.

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